HOC 3 Release Notes (June 28, 2018)

This release contains a number of improvements including improved functionality for HOC clients employing mini-sites, improvements to CMS versioning, and improvements to ARS, Forms and certain HOC configurations.  Here's highlights of this release:

Improvements to "Do not display Full Occurrence" configuration (HOC3-5002)

By default, HandsOn Connect normally displays full occurrences in opportunity detail pages, search, calendar etc so that even if an occurrence is full, the volunteer can choose to join the waiting list for the full occurrence.

An optional setting for HandsOn Connect (which can be requested via a help ticket), is to NOT display full occurrences.  In this configuration, any occurrence that is full no longer appears in search results, or, as improved in the May 31 release notes, in the opportunity detail page.  The last improvement is now in place.  If configuration is to 'not display full occurrences" - full occurrences will no longer appear on the opportunity calendar page!    

What configuration works best for you?

Display Full Occurrences - default setting for HOC.  Full occurrences are shown, though volunteers cannot sign up or express interest in them. An 'add to waiting list' button appears instead. Useful if you want volunteers to be aware of all occurrences available - even if they are full - and allows them to join the waiting list for full occurrences.

Do not Display Full Occurrences: Can be turned on by request.  Useful if you want volunteers to focus solely on the occurrences where volunteers are still needed and space is available.  They are not distracted by full occurrences and opportunities, and instead of joining a waiting list, they focus entirely on the occurrences that ARE available and have slots available.

Improvements to Advanced Registration System (ARS)


For HOC Customers using the ARS add-on a number of improvements have been made in the ARS.  

Improvements have been made to the branch logic available when the ARS is used for Opportunity Sign-Up.  Branch logic can now be set based on any of the following field types used in the contact record:  (HOC3-7148)

  • Picklist
  • Checklist
  • Date
  • Number

Additionally, the ARS for Registration now supports:

  • Branch Logic based on whether the user has registered on the site via social media in. (Facebook, or Linked In depending on which you have activated in your org).   (HOC3-7268
Improvements to Forms (HOC3-6932)

When adding a field to a long form, the field is automatically added to the end of the form.  It wasn't possible to place a field exactly where you needed it, and It was sometimes awkward and difficult to drag a field to the position you wanted it in the form.  

  • Fields can now be added by either click (adding it to the end of the form), or you can Drag and Drop a field wherever you want in the form!
  • Forms now support improved drag and drop, making it easier to reorder the fields in a form by dragging via the icon on the right.
Sharing Portal: Detail view mode now available for connections: (HOC3-7437)

Previously, for sharing portal users with permission to view and edit connections, only an edit link was available.  A 'view' action has been added to the grid so that someone merely wanting to see additional information about the connection can 'view' it without having to edit and hit cancel.

Bug Fix: Volunteers can express interest again in ISO with Schedule opportunity, even if declined previously (HOC3-7350)

When a volunteer expresses interest creating one or more connections (in pending status) for an ISO with Schedule opportunity, it was discovered that ia a partner declines any connection for that volunteer. (because they don't want to approve one of several dates), then the volunteer was unable to express interest in additional dates in the future.

This has been fixed. Volunteers we no longer get a message saying they cannot sign up because they were previously declined for that opportunity.

Volunteers are NOT able to sign up or express interest in a date and time specific opportunity that the opportunity coordinator has declined them for (for any reason other than 'removed themselves".   But this logic is no longer being carried over to ISO with Schedule opportunities. (since you may confirm volunteers for some dates, and decline them for others).

Bug Fix: Sharing Portal: Inability to create more than two non-recurring occurrences. (HOC3-7353)

A bug that prevented created  more than two non-recurring occurrences at once for a single volunteer opportunity has been fixed. It is now possible to create more than two occurrences when using the "Add Occurrence" button.

Bug Fix: When creating multiple new occurrences, maximum attendance was not correctly updated. (HOC3-7382)

Fixed a bug where in some cases, when adding multiple non-recurring occurrences to an opportunity, the maximum attendance for each new occurrence was not being correctly populated.

Ability to create custom error pages for 400, 403, 404 and 500 errors.

Users of the HOC Universal Template can now customize the generic error pages that are presented for 400, 403, 404 and 500 errors.

To do so, just add a new page to the Content / Pages section and give it the appropriate friendly URL:


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