Release Notes August 2020

Our bi-monthly release focuses on improvements and updates to the HOC Managed Package in Salesforce.  

New Volunteer Opportunity Wizard!   (Call for Beta Testers)

Wish that creating Volunteer Opportunities in Salesforce was as easy as it is in the sharing portal?    We're now Beta Testing a new version of the Volunteer Opportunity Wizard that allows Salesforce Users to quickly create both Affiliate Managed and Partner Managed Opportunities through an enhanced sharing portal wizard.    This new wizard is far easier to customize that the flow-based Salesforce Volunteer Opportunity Wizard, and allows you to do everything you could do in the SF wizard and More!

Here's a video of the new wizard in action.

If you'd like to be a beta tester for the new wizard and try it on for size, just open a support ticket at with the subject:  Give us access to new VO Wizard!

In your ticket, answer these two questions:

1) Do you want opportunities you create automatically published as soon as they are created? Or do you want to review the opportunity and manually publish it when ready?

2). What fields from the Volunteer Opportunity and Occurrence objects, not currently shown to your partners in the sharing portal, would you like to have available to you, as a Sharing Portal Administrator,  when you create a Volunteer Opportunity through this new version of the wizard?

Don't worry.  You won't lose access to your existing Volunteer Opportunity Wizard while you're trying out the new one.  You can use both and see which one you prefer :-)

Improvements to Merging Contacts (HOCAVV-1338)

When contacts are merged in Salesforce, it sometimes created problems with the merged contact logging in to the public site or sharing portal.  We've improved the process of updating the .net database (where logins and profiles for contacts are stored), so that it doesn't get corrupted when contacts are merged in SF.

Here's an updated article on the best way to Merge Duplicate Contacts in Salesforce when you're using the Household Model and Lightning.


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