HOC Release (Jan 16, 2020)

This release features a number of internal improvements, squelches some rarely occurring bugs, and lays groundwork for future functionality.Improvements were also made to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), so that HOC public sites are more accessible to people with disabilities.

This release also features a significant improvement to creating locations via the sharing portal.   Here are the highlights of this release.

Address Verification for locations in Sharing Portal (HOC3-120483)

When creating or editing a location in the sharing portal, the entered address will be checked against the Google Maps database to ensure that the address is a valid one.  A variety of messages will appear if either the address doesn't exist in Google or there are alternate suggestions for a more accurate address.

Kiosk Bug Fix: Registration Type maintained (HOC3-10464)

A somewhat rare bug was found wherein if you created an opportunity with registration type = express interest, and created multiple occurrences individually (not recurrences), that when submitted, the registration type would rever to sign up..   This has been fixed.

Sharing Portal:  Display Occurrence Names when adding connections (HOC3-10481)

For sites with sharing portals that have the optional 'occurrence name" feature turned on, creating connections administratively will be easier, as when adding occurrence info to a connection, in addition to the start time and end time of connections, the occurrence name will be visible as well.

Kiosk: Disable Late Checkin functionality not working as expected (HOC3-10530)

A bug was found that affected the performance of check-in kiosks that were activated with the disable late check-in functionality enabled.  This feature, when used, now will disable late check-ins by the number of minutes indicated in the activation module..


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