2.5 Release patches 6 & 7

These two patches during April, 2015 focused on improving system security and the HandsOn Connect Sharing model, as well as support for the new Volunteer Opportunity Wizard and some minor bug fixes.

Support for new Volunteer Opportunity Wizard added to HandsOn Connect

A much improved version of the Volunteer Opportunity Wizard was made available to be integrated into HandsOn Connect and is now widely available for all customers.  We recommend that all customers install the new wizard or request that the support team install it for you.

The standard version of the new wizard is easily installed within 10 minutes, and can be optionally customized to meet specific business requirements if desired.  Custom versions of the wizard can be requested via premium support or can be customized by a system administrator well-trained in the Salesforce's "flow" functionality.

Click here for general announcement of new wizard and links to videos

Click here for instructions on Installing the new wizard

Support for :15 and :45 time increments in recurrences

Added the ability to choose recurrence start times and end times on the quarter hour.  (Previously only :00 and :30 times were possible for recurrences).  The X:15 and X:45 increments automatically appear as options when using the new volunteer opportunity wizard when its' installed.

System admins who wish to add the :15 and :45 increments to the recurrence object itself (for the creation of additional recurrences), can now do so if desired. (See steps below)

To add :15 and :45 increments to the recurrence object (optional system update)

1. Go to Setup / Objects / Recurrence and click on the field name "Start Time"

2. Scroll to Picklist Values and click on the "New" button and add the values 12:15 AM, 12:45 AM, 01:15 AM, 01:45 AM, etc... and save the added 48 new picklist values.  (After 11:45 AM  the next in the sequence will be 12:15 PM, then 12:45 PM, 01:15 PM, etc...)

TIP:  You can use the text file "15 and 45 minute increments.txt" which is attached in the comment below , to copy and paste the new values you need!

To add :15 and :45 increments to the recurrence object (optional system update)

3. Click on the "Reorder" button and place the values in the correct order  (moving each :15 and :45 minute value up from the bottom of the list, to the correct place in the list chronologically.  Save.

4. Repeat the process for the field End Time

Random html characters appearing on public site have been removed

Updated and removed strange html characters that were showing up in place of quote marks on several pages on the public site, including:

  • Calendar Page
  • Success page after a team is created
  • Join a Public Team page.

Security and Sharing Updates

Salesforce has made a number of changes to improve security in its Winter and Spring Releases.

The HandsOn Connect development team has been working directly with Salesforce to implement improved security features in the HandsOn Connect application and to update our sharing models to remain compatible with the latest Salesforce upgrades. These 'under the hood' updates to HOC will ensure continued compatibility and increased security for all HOC users.


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