HOC Release, (Dec 30, 2019)

As we wrap up the decade we have one final release with a few year-end treats for you!  

A friendly greeting appears when you are logged in (HOC3-2231)

When a user logs into the public site, they now see they are logged in by way of a friendly 'hello' with their name :-)

Check-in Kiosk Activation Screen Customization (HOC3-10266)

A number of options are presented in the activate Kiosk screen, which gives a user a number of choices to filter by location, organization, and to decide whether to Save Settings after activating the kiosk, and whether to disable late check-ins.

Some users have found that offering all these 'options' can be confusing for their partners who are activating the kiosk.  In some cases, the options available are ones that your organization may never choose to use (such as the recent "Disable late check-ins".

It is now possible, by request to the support team, to request that any of the following options be disabled from the activate kiosk screen for your organization.

  • Location
  • Organization
  • Save Settings after first activation
  • Disable Late Check-Ins (minutes)

Just open a support ticket and make the subject "Kiosk update", and indicate which activation options you want disabled from your kiosk!


Sharing Portal:  Ability to export Contact List to .csv (HOC3-10275)

Sharing portal users now have an easy way to download contact information (without having to resort to a report).

On the Contacts (Visible due to Connections) page, there is now an 'export to CSV" button that will allow you to download the contact list with their email address and primary phone.

Forms: Ability to set file uploads as an image (HOC3-9402)

Forms have had the ability to allow users to upload files, which are then uploaded to .net and, if saved to a URL field in Salesforce, you'll be able to click on the URL and view or download the associated file.

In an improvement, its now possible to specify that the image to be uploaded is an image file, and, the user, after selecting the file, will be able to see the image in the form before submitting it.

A new option in the File Upload component, allows you to specify, "Is file an image" -- you can also indicate the recommended height and width to the user (though the limits are not enforced or validated).   You can also set which file extensions are allowed for images (typically .gif  .jpg. .jpeg. .png.

This is set in the form as follows:

When the form is displayed, and the user selects an image, they'll be able to see the displayed image before submitting the form:


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