HOC (July 2)

This release features two significant improvements to the Advanced Registration System and Forms.  There are also some user interface improvements in the CMS and in the check-in kiosk.

New type of ARS available - Basic Login:  HOC3-11531

CMS users who have the HOC add-on Advanced Registration System (ARS) will see a new type of ARS joining the exissting Volunteer Registration, Partner Registration and Opportunity Sign-Up ARS.    It's called Basic Login.  It allows you to run a workflow and present information, forms, and other info at the time a Volunteer or Partner logs into via the public site*

Image (2).png

What might you use the Basic Login Workflow for?

You can use branch logic to evaluate whether or not a person logging in has or has not submitted certain information (a checkbox for a new waiver, a new field you're now requiring as part of registration but might not be populated for existing contacts, etc ...  and then require them to update their contact information before proceeding.  

If you wish to redirect a login so that it doesn't go to the account overview page -- you can do this using a form with page redirection as a basic login workflow.

* The basic login workflow run whenever someone logs in via the Log In widget on the upper right of each page.  At this time it does not execute the workflow if you login via the pop-up that appears when you sign up or express interest in a volunteer opportunity.   In a future release the basic login workflow may be extended to execute during opportunity signup login.

So be aware, that using the basic login workflow does not guarantee that every person logging in will be presented with this workflow.  But it WILL run for anyone logging in via the traditional log-in widget in the upper right.

Image (2).png
Image (2).png
Improvements to File Uploads in Forms:  HOC3-11386

The option to include a File Upload 'field' in a form has been greatly enhanced in this release.  The following is now possible:

  • On the public site, users can upload multiple files at one time either by browsing or dragging and dropping
  • Uploaded files can be associated with Salesforce Libraries and/or Specific records in Salesforce.  This means, for example, you can have a contact upload files and have them associated to their contact record for easy access.
  • You can optionally create a form that gives a logged in user access to all the files they've uploaded so they can delete and replace an existing file if desired.

To read about all the new features available with File uploads in forms, see this article

Improvement to ARS - prevent accidental deletion:  HOC3-10362

The ability to delete an ARS workflow was added a while back, but once you hit delete, POOF, the workflow was gone :-(  If you accidentally pushed the button, your work was lost.    To prevent this from happening, you will now be asked to confirm the deletion, to be sure you mean to do so.  Also, deleted workflows will now be available in the recycle bin, so it will be possible to restore them.

Improvements to Check-in Kiosk - QR Codes:  HOC3-11895

1) QR codes now support both check-in and check-out if used twice.

2) PDF downloads of the access pass now include the QR code as expected.

3) The display of a QR code on a mobile device is now larger and easier to view and scan.

4)  An identified typo on the success page was corrected.

Bug Fix:  Opportunity Characteristics Filter in search result block: HOC3-11964

The results in a /search results block were not always accurate when using the field opportunity characteristics as a filter. This has been corrected.


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