HOC3 Release Notes

This release contains additional improvements to the ARS (Advanced Registration System) and Forms, as well as internal improvements to the operation of the check-in kiosk. A number of improvements to the APIs between the public site, sharing portal and the SF back end were implemented as well.  This will improve the efficiency of the number of necessary API calls, as well as provide better options for customization of sites and sharing portals in the future.   Also corrected in this release were some errors associated with using Verified Volunteers in the Sharing Portal.  Here are the primary features and fixes in this release.

Bug Fix: URLs to files uploaded via forms will now work in Salesforce (HOC3-5350)

There had been a security issue where the URLs for uploaded files, which appeared in Salesforce, could not be accessed.  This has been fixed, When you define the file upload field in the form, and synch to a field in Salesforce, the URL that links to the file (as seen in the SF record) will now correctly access the file.

Forms Improvement: Rich Text fields (HOC3-5356)

A new field type: "Rich Text" is available for forms.  This field type, when mapped to SF must be mapped to a 'rich text' field in SF.  This allows a form field to allow basic rich text field characteristics similar to the HOC html editor, such as:

  • Basic styles: p, h1 through h6, preformatted
  • Bold
  • Italics
  • underline
  • unordered and ordered lists
  • source
Check-In Kiosk Improvement: QR Codes for check-out (HOC3-4621)

For those using QR codes in conjunction with the Check-In Kiosk - the QR code that is used for checking in to an opportunity will now be scannable for check-out as well.  

Bug Fix: Registration Page - Distance Willing to Travel (HOC3-5337, HOC3-5420

For those clients displaying "Distance willing to travel" on the Registration page -- a fix has been made so that the correct distances are displayed   (previously two values were displayed as "10 miles"

While its an option to display the field "Distance willing to travel" on the registration page - it may or may not make sense to display this in the context of the registration process.  The value of "Distance willing to travel" is primarily used in conjunction with skilled volunteer search, and is automatically displayed on the page where a volunteer fills out their skills profile.  It will appear on the skills profile page whether or not you display it on the registration form.


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