May, 2018 Release Notes

This release extends the auto-approve functionality introduced in last week's sharing portal update to opportunities created on behalf of partners in Salesforce.  Occurrences will be automatically approved when 'auto-approve' is active for a partner. There are also improvements to the management of partner staff profiles in organizations using the Flex Configuration of HandsOn Connect or having contacts manage more than one partner organization. There were also corrections to a few typos in error messages.  Also fixed were circumstances were organization primary contacts were not receiving email notifications when new self-reporting connections were submitted.

And here's one small but handy improvement for those of you working with list views and reports.  (Note: It does require a quick administrative speedup to take advantage of this new field!


Registration Type field added to Occurrence object. (HOCAVV-1133) - (Suggested Admin Speedup)

Here's a much requested little improvement.  In the past, if you wanted to create a view of occurrences of a specific opportunity type (i.e. Individually Scheduled Opportunity - Express Interest Only) it wasn't possible to do it.  The field "Schedule Type" existed, and allowed you to filter on Date & Time specific or Individually Scheduled Opportunities -- but there was no way to filter and find the Registration Type at the occurrence level :-(

We've added a new field "Registration Type" to the occurrence object.  This makes it possible to create a view and quickly see your upcoming occurrences and know exactly what type of opportunity each occurrence represents, as you can now see both the Schedule Type AND the Registration Type of any occurrence.

Admin Speedup:  In order to take advantage of this new field for views, page layouts and/or reporting, you must first update your system admin and staff profiles to access the new field.

Go to setup / Profiles / System Administrator.

Then click on "Object Settings'

Select the object 'Occurrences"

Click on the Edit Button:

Scroll down to the field "Registation Type" and put a checkmark in the first column "Read Access".


Now repeat for the Staff Profile.

Suggested addition of this field to Occurrence Record Page Layout:

You can now also add the field "Registration Type" to any views you create or edit of Occurrences!


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