HOC3 3.0 Release Notes - 3.0.26 (June 1, 2017)

This release continues our process of increasing the speed and reliability of HOC3.  A number of under-the-hood improvements should result in faster response times for volunteers and sharing portal users.  In addition, there are a number of bug fixes and improvements to site templates. Highlights are listed below:

Say hello to our new favicon! (HOC3-3183)

The favicon for HOC (the little image that appears in the tab of some browsers), has been updated to a brighter, more distinctive favicon.  (The previous one was rather gray and muddy).  Here's what our new default favicon looks like in supported browsers.

Note: if you are a favicon fanatic - we can now accept requests to update your site's favicon.  Just open a zendesk ticket and attach your desired favicon in standard .ico format.

Want a custom favicon but don't know how to create it?  For a small fee we can create a favicon for you.  Open a zendesk ticket and tell us what image you'd like in your custom favicon.  (Keep in mind it's very small (16 x 16 or 32 x 32) and must be square!

For everyone else -- our new default favicon will meet most people's needs!

GIF images now supported in image blocks and CMS (HOC3-1626)

In some circumstances in the CMS, attempt to upload .gif images were met with messages saying .gif was not a supported image type.  This has been corrected.  You can now use .gif images in additions to .jpg and .png.

Bug Fix: Express Interest opportunities now show 'add to wait list' button when maximum slots are reached. (HOC3-2292)

The "Express Interest" button was still appearing for date and time specific, express interest opportunities when the number of confirmed connections had reached the maximum limit.  Now, the button for express interest will be properly replaced with the button to join the wait list.

Bug Fix: Better validation for creating connections for Individually Scheduled - Express Interest with Schedule (HOC3-2976)

Previously, if a user proposed a one-time connection where the start date and time was LATER than the end date and time - the connection would still be created.   Now, connections are checked to ensure that no one starts after they finish :-)    User is alerted if they put in invalid values.

Bug Fix: Navigation Issues in the Sharing Portal (HOC3-3217)

It was discovered that if you were logged into the sharing portal and inactive for 20 minutes, that things 'timed out' and navigation no longer worked as expected.  No matter what navigation item you clicked on you were often returned to the 'dashboard' home page of the portal.  This has been resolved.

Bug Fix: Sharing Portal - menu dissapears on some screen sizes (HOC3-3259)

It was reported that in some in-between browser widths (not full screen, and yet not quite 'mobile' width) the navigation items in the sharing portal were no longer visible.  This has been fixed.  Menu is now available in all possible screen sizes and browser widths.

Pilot: Advanced Registration System (ARS) now supports the addition of donation blocks to the partner registration page. (HOC3-3020)

For those customers using the ARS -- it is now possible to add additional pages to the Partner Registration form, including the ability to take donations or solicit payments.   If you have the ARS and need to use this feature, please open a zendesk ticket.

If you do not currently have the ARS add-on, please contact [email protected] for pricing information.


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