Release Notes, December 2019

The HOC December release features updates that have been made to the HOC Package in Salesforce.  It is largely small, under the hood bug fixes to address rarely seen bugs, and improvements made to support SF organizations with users in multiple time zones.

Bug Fix: Grouped Occurrences table not sorting correctly in SF (HOCAVV-1263)

For users of Grouped Occurrences:  The table that shows the Occurrences that can be grouped was not sorting correctly when sorted by date.  This has been fixed.

Lightning Bug:  Run Answer Report Action not working in Lightning

Lightning Users who are still using the legacy "Volunteer Opportunity Questions" "Questions" and "Answers" (instead of the more robust Advanced Registration System), have reported that the "Run Answer Report" action button in the occurrence record, no longer produces the expected Answer Report.  The report opens - but the answers for that occurrence are not shown and the result is "0 records"

This is due to a change in the way Lightning handles reports.  

If you are using this feature, there's a very simple and short administrative speedup that needs to be done to the report to fix the problem:

  • Go to the Report "Questions & Answers"
  • Click Edit
  • Click on the Filter Occurrence ID ewquals ""
  • Uncheck the box that says "Locked"
  • Resave the report

This video shows you how to go through these steps:


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