HOC Release Notes (March 18, 2021)

This release includes internal improvements to new search,  improved support for RSS feeds, a number of minor bug fixes, and continued improvements to forms. Here are the highlights of this release:

CMS: File Upload size raised to 8 MB. (HOC3-12947)

Attempts to upload large files through the CMS (either as an file upload in a form, or in uploading documents in the CKfinder) were creating errors.



The previous file size limit was 1 MB.  This has been raised to 8 MB to be consistent with Salesforce's restrictions on file sizes.  Attempts to upload files larger than 8 MB will now get an explanation of the 8 MB size limit:

Default Session length for a logged in volunteer is extended to 7 days and can be changed by request (HOC3-13312)

HandsOn Connect, by default required a user to log into their account on the public site after 24 hours.  This often proved inconvenient for mobile users.  After some research, we've determined that the default used by google and other major technologies is expiring a session after 7 days.

HandsOn Connect has now changed the default session setting to 7 days.  (After 7 days a user will be required to log into their account again (assuming they didn't manually log out prior to then)).

Customers who wish to extend or shorten the session length can request a change to any of the following session length values.



Just open a support ticket and request that the session length for the public site and sharing portal be changed from 7 days, to one of the alternative sessions lengths shown above.

Export Form Data: ability to include form submission date in the .csv export (HOC3-13373)

When exporting form data that isn't stored in SF, using CMS / AddOns / Export Form Data, the order of the submitted form data hasn't always been clear.  (The sort of the report is actually by submission date in descending order).   But its now possible to add to the exported form the actual submission date for each row in the form.  Just check the new box "include Submission Date in the Report).

Banners and Alerts
Tracking Code added to indicate a record was created or modified via a form on the public site (HOC3-13434)

The fields "Creation Source - HOC" and "Edition Source - HOC" can be used to determine where a record was created or modified by the public site or sharing portal.  The value "HOC_FormBuilder-3.0' has been added to indicate that a record was created or modified via a form on the public site.

For more information on HandsOn Connect Tracking codes: See this article


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