Release Notes April 2021

This update to the HandsOn Connect managed package in SF features a few updates to provide improved functionality from HOC public sites and sharing portals.  It also provides support for. HOC clients who manage volunteers through SF Communities.

New options for calculating hours served in connections(HOCSF-1527)

For users of the Check-In Kiosk, as well as users of the new HOC Quick Check-In App, there is now an option to calculate the field "Hours Served" in connection records based on the check-in and check-out times, rather than the default behavior (which is Connection Start Time and Connection End Time).   For more information on the option for changing the way HandsOn Connect calculated  hours served read this article.

Update to Recurrence Trigger (HOCSF-1473)

The recent ability to type in a variety of start/end times for recurrences created in the sharing portal, were running into a conflict with the rules for creating recurrences in Salesforce.  The trigger has been updated to support more variations on recurrence start and end times when added via the sharing portal.

Fix for QR scanning of overnight connections in check-in kiosk(HOCSF-1507)

The QR scanning option for the HOC Check-In Kiosk was presenting an error message when a volunteer opportunity started on one day and ended the next (i.e. 9:30 pm - 6 a.m. which was a recent shift for COVID Vaccination volunteers at 24/7 hour vaccination sites).   This has been fixed.  QR scanning will now support overnight connections.

Email sent to notify of a single self-reported connection sent to Opportunity Coordinator for Organization (HOCSF-1516)

As explained in detail in this release note, the email for a single self-reported connection will now be sent to the organization's Opportunity Coordinator, rather than to the organization's Primary Contact.


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