HOC 3 Release Notes - 3.0.22 (May 4, 2017)

This release addresses:

  • A number of issues affected volunteer leaders for HOC clients who have migrated from HOC 2.0 to 3.0.  
  • Various issues affecting inernational and multi-lingual users of HOC.  
  • A number of performance improvements
  • Some cosmetic improvements to some of the alternate themes.

Here's the highlights of new functionality and general bug fixes in this release.

Improvements to WYSIWYG editor (HOC3-2752)

To give quicker and easier control over heading types,and styles for paragraph content in the CMS, the WYSIWYG editor has been updated:

There is now a Styles Picklist  (which lists styles that can be quickly applied to a range of text), and a Format Picklist, which allows you to select text and set it as a heading level, paragraph, etc.

Sharing Portal: New filters added to Volunteer Opportunities grid (HOC3-2691)

For portal users with a lot of volunteer opportuntiies, it wasn't quick or intuitive how to find the Volunteer Opportunities they were looking for.  The Search by keyword" function makes it possible to quickly find an opportunity if you know any part of its name.  If you happened to know the posting status of the opportunities you were looking for, you could filter the list as well -- but most people don't know the possible posting status messages.

So -- to make it easier to filter the Volunteer Opportunity List -- three new filters have been added to the Volunteer Opportunities page.

You can now quickly filter by:

  • Posting Status
  • Schedule Type
  • Registration Type

to narrow the list of volunteer opportunities quickly.  So, for exampe, if you want to see which opportunities are currently approved and published, you can click on the Posting Status filter and select 'This is approved and published for volunteers to sign-up" and then only opportunities in th at posting status will appear in the grid.

You can then filter further by adding a search term which will further narrow the list.

You can also use multiple filters at once, if, for example, you want to see what's approved and published for volutneers to sign up and is a date and time specific schedule type.

This added filter will make it easier and faster for portal users to access the opportunity records they are looking for.

Fixed: "Describe your volunteer needs" on Partner Registration Form did not populate data in SF (HOC3-2850)

For configurations of the partner registration form that included the question "Describe your volunteer needs" - the answer to this field was not being populated on the back end of the organization record in SF. This has been corrected.

Fixed: Required fields seemingly not being required (HOC3-2073)

It was discovered that entering a blank space in a 'required' field in a form satisfied the requirement.  This resulted in allowing people to skip 'required' information in a form and successfully submitting the form.   Going forward, blank space in a form will not be treated as content satisfying the required field.

Fixed: (Sharing Portal) Edit Organization was not showing current values (HOC3-2896)

When editing an organization record in 'my organization' - the current settings of picklist values in the organization record were not being shown.  This has been corrected.

Fixed: Issue with multiple changes to a connection (HOC3-2909)

If a volunteer signed up for an opportunity, and then removed themselves, and then signed up again --- the connection was properly updated to status = confirmed -- however the 'decline reason' of 'removed themselves' was being left populated.   Now, if a volunteer signs up, removes themselves, and then signs up again -- the connection record will no longer have a residual 'decline reason' listed in the connection.

Pilot: Ability for one contact to manage multiple organizations in sharing portal (HOC3-2332)

In the past, if you needed a single contact to manage more than one partner organization, it required setting up multiple contact records, each with their own unique email address.

We have now launched a beta of new HandsOn Connect functionality that makes it possible for a single contact, using their one single email address, to be configured to manage multiple organizations via the sharing portal.

If you have a business need for this functionality and would like to participate in the pilot.  Please open a zendesk ticket and request admission to the "One Contact Manages Multiple Organizations" pilot and we will configure your instance to support this functionality, and provide you with training on how to use this new functionality.


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