HOC3 Release Notes (October 19, 2017)

This release features a number of improvements to the visual settings possible in the new HandsOn Connect public site template, some email improvements to automated emails, and additional capabilities for the CMS. Additionally, some identified spelling / grammar issues on the public site and in error messages were fixed, and additional improvements for customers using multiple languages. Here's the highlights in this release:

Email improvement: Automated emails notifying OC's of new connections will not be sent for administratively created connections by the Opportunity Coordinator (HOC3-4228)

When volunteers sign up or express interest, opportunity coordinators are usually sent notifications that a connection has been created (unless these emails are configured to NOT be sent system-wide, OR at the occurrence level they are turned off).

Nonetheless, when these notifications are generally turned on (as is standard configuration), Opportunity Coordinators were receiving these notices even when they administratively created connections themselves in the sharing portal.  

Since the person creating the connection administratively is aware they've done so - receiving an email telling you that a new connection had been made seemed unnecessary and even a bit irritating :-)

HOC has been updated so that when an OC administratively creates a connection - they are not bothered with an email notification telling them a new connection has been created.

Ahhh -- a few fewer emails to worry about :-)

Issue resolved: Multiple emails sent to Opportunity Coordinators asking them to report attendance (HOC3-3716)

A few users reported that Opportunity Coordinators were getting frequent emails asking them to verify service hours on opportunities where attendance was not yet marked.  They got them the day after the project, but often got them months after the project was completed.

The reason for this turns out to be the fact that while a reminder is sent the day after an opportunity by one workflow (unless disabled), an email continues to be sent anytime a volunteer manually submits unverified hours using the "Report Hours" link in the account overview.

This generally is a good practice, because if a volunteer wants to report their hours, they'd obviously like the Opportunity Coordinator to verify them, even if they do this months after the opportunity took place.  Volunteers tend to want their service verified by the Opportunity Coordinator.

Nonetheless - some people prefer NOT to have this extra email sent to their Opportunity Coordinators.

The email is controlled by a workflow called "Request Hours" which can be found in Setup / Workflow Rules/
If you do NOT wish this email to be sent, just deactivate the workflow.

It turns out however, than in HOC 3.0 - even in instances where the workflow was deactivated, the email was STILL being sent.  (And if the workflow was active, TWO emails were being sent).    This bug has been corrected and HOC 3 will not send ANY email when a volunteer clicks on "report hours" if the workflow is deactivated... (and will only send one email if it is activated and the normal practice in HOC.)

Public Site Improvement: Hours served limited to two decimal places (HOC3-5030)

In some cases, volunteers were seeing their 'hours served' with many decimal points (e.g.  4.3333333) .   Now all hours served (in 'My Account" - and in the exportable report of service, will be rounded to two decimal points.  (e.g. 4.33)

CMS: Ability to set Meta Tags for Search Engine Optimization for Home and /Search pages in HOC (HOC3-4179)

For those organizations doing Search Engine Optimization, it is now possible to set meta tags for the public site Home Page  "Home" (location at /) and the search listing results page "Search" (located at /search).  You'll  find both of these pages listed in the CMS under Content / Pages.  Choosing either page will allow you to set the meta tags.

Location Name Field now available as option for Advanced Search Block (HOC3-4023)

To support a very specific use for some HOC clients, it is now possible to enable an additional advanced search parameter for the Advanced Search Block - Location Name.    

Enabling this filter will REPLACE the fields "City & State and/or Zip Code" and "Distance"  from the advanced search block with a single field "Location".  This field will allow users to search based on the Location Name  (usually the street address) associated with volunteer opportunities, instead of by its distance from a given zip code.

We do not recommend that the majority of HOC users enable this search filter, as its unlikely that volunteers will be searching for a location based on the street address.  This feature is intended primarily for those organizations that have a limited number of locations for their projects, and the location names are created or edited (in Salesforce - rather than the sharing portal) with names of facilities (i.e. Los Angeles Warehouse,  San Francisco Warehouse, etc.)

Please be aware that for organizations where the location name IS a street address, enabling this filter bypasses the standard practice of HOC to NOT reveal exact project locations until a volunteer has signed up and been confirmed for a volunteer opportunity.  

ARS Improvement: Tracking of Volunteer Opportunity and/or Occurrence during opportunity sign-up (HOC3-4419)

For organizations using the ARS to add forms to Volunteer Opportunity signup - the IDs of the volunteer opportunity and Occurrence are automatically tracked with the form data., and available in the .csv file that can be downloaded for the form.


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