HOC Release Notes (March 16, 2023)

This release provides under the hood improvements to make HOC public sites operate more efficiently when interacting with Salesforce. It also provides some bug fixes and new features as described below:

New Features

Ability to include mentions in forms (HOC3-10887)

Mentions in custom forms allow a user to reference a record in Salesforce in a text area rich text field. To utilize this feature you'll need to associate a text area field in your form to a listview in Salesforce.

In the image above our text area field is associated with the Contact object using the Partners and Leaders listview. Imagine we are using this form as a feedback form. The volunteer will mention which partner or leader they worked with at an event by using the "@" symbol and then typing their name.

The id of this partner or leader (Field to use for Value or Id) is saved to the mapped text area field. If there are multiple mentions, they will be separated by commas.

Listing Block - Persistent filters (HOC3-17128)

A new setting has been added to Listing Blocks using the data table, grid, or custom card format. This settings allows for filters to be persistent until cleared.

For example, if there is a listing block that shows volunteer opportunities and it's filtered by registration type that listing block will remain filtered the next time the block is viewed. There will be an option to clear the filter. The default option is to reset the filters automatically each time the listing block is viewed.

Bug Fixes

Initiating Multiple ARS Process (HOC3-17120)

Fixed an issue that prevented a second consecutive Advanced Registration (ARS) process from running. This issue occurred when an unregistered volunteer would sign up to an opportunity that had an ARS.  The volunteer would complete their registration and the registration ARS, but the consecutive opportunity ARS would not trigger.

This did not prevent the volunteer from registering or signing up to the volunteer opportunity.

Volunteer Leader: Edit Occurrence (HOC3-17170)

Fixed an issue that prevented volunteer leaders from editing occurrences.

Partner Portal sorting by date/time not working (HOC3-17182)

Fixed an issue that prevented connections in the partner portal from being sorted by date and time.

Kiosk Web Error on iPad (HOC3-17192)

Fixed an issue that prevented iPads from scanning QR codes.

Corporate Page - Error with invitation code (HOC3-17211)

Fixed an issue that caused an invalid invitation code error message to appear when using a corporate page. The error message did not prevent the block from showing valid opportunties.

Custom Forms Print and Save Later (HOC3-17212)

Fixed an issue that caused the Save and Complete Later option to appear when the print functionality was enabled. If the option to print is enabled,  Save and Complete Later will be disabled.

Page Title Centering (HOC3-17215)

Fixed an issue that prevented the page title from centering after save.

Terminate ARS Page (HOC3-17224)

Fixed an issue that prevented the Terminate option in the ARS from working properly. When this setting is checked it should prevent a successful registration or sign up.