HOC Release (Dec 13, 2018)

In this release, a lot of 'behind the scenes' abilities have been added to the CMS that will make it possible for us to produce public sites and custom features with greater flexibility to meet your specific business needs. This means that customization requests you might need for your site or programs, can be done in fewer hours by our staff, reducing the costs to you when you need custom work done!

Eventually, some of this new functionality will become user accessible allowing advanced users to do more and more with their public site. For now however - rest assured that HandsOn Connect will be even more powerful and flexible in 2019! We'll be letting you know some of the cool new stuff that is possible in the months to come!

Here's a few new items and fixes you'll notice in this release:

Search Results Block Improvement - clearer indication of filtering and how to clear filters (HOC3-8351)

For those clients using the Search Results Block for search, it wasn't always obvious when a search result was filtered and how to clear filters to see all opportunities.   We've added the following to the top of filtered search pages:

Improvement to Individually Scheduled Opportunity signups (HOC3-8514)

Previously if a volunteer tried to express interest in an Individually Scheduled Opportunity for a valid time taking place on THAT day -- they received a message saying "11/15/2018 12:00 am is not a valid date"

Now, it will be possible for a volunteer to express interest in volunteering (create a pending connection), for any valid time in the schedule, including today's date (as long as the time is greater than or equal to the current time"

Improvements to Forms

A number of improvements have been made to HOC forms including:

  • Issues where forms would not save without errors
  • The ability to define minimum and maximum number of characters in text fields.  (if these values are left blank - the defaults defined by the field in SF will be used)
  • Issues resulting from having two forms open for editing at once - where changes made in one form carried over to the other open form.


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