HOC (April 9, 2020)

This release is chock-full of new goodies for advanced users who want more control over their public site and more control over signups/express interest for occurrences.   Here's the highlights!

CMS:  Friendly URLs (URL Redirect)   (HOC3-11271)

Here's a much requested feature: The ability to create a friendly URL that will redirect to a longer, more complicated URL.

Here's the sort of things you might use this for:

1)  You have a document saved in Salesforce Files, and the document URL for public access is this charming URL:  https://hoc9015.my.salesforce.com/sfc/p/1N000001BS6x/a/3m000000Vr5i/A3OOjTEWowfqMphZxjMw7Imy55szFUI1ie6mcWfF_W0

For marketing purposes: you might want this URL to be simply Https://demo.handsonconnect.org/knitting

2). You want to give a friendly URL in your newsletter that goes to a specific volunteer opportunity.   Instead of

you could now create a URL https://ps9015.handsonconnect.org/arts.  that will go directly to that opportunity page.

Click here for an article showing you how to create friendly URLs (which we call URL redirects) in the CMS.

New Feature: Turn off Individual Signup (HOC3-10722)

It's always been possible to 'turn off teams' and make opportunity sign-up for individuals only.   Now, its possible to 'turn off Individual Signup" as well, so that you could theoretically make an opportunity sign-up available only to Teams (and not to individuals).

Additionally, if you turn off both signup for teams and signup for individuals, you can now publish an opportunity that no one can sign up for!  This makes it possible to post an opportunity that's strictly informational, with no sign-up option at all.

Turning off signup altogether may be confusing for users - as the occurrence will still appear, but with neither a signup or signup with teams link.  If turning off all signups - it is recommended you make it clear in the opportunity description (or occurrence name/description) that it is not available for signup!

Using this new feature requires an administrative speedup.  

1) You need to grant access to all HOC using profiles to Read and Edit the field "Turn off Individual Signup"  This field is available for use in the Occurrence Object, Volunteer Opportunity Object, and Volunteer Event Object.  Enable permissions for those profiles you wish to have access to this feature.

2) Add the new field to the page layout(s) you are using for Occurrences, and/or Volunteer Opportunity and/or Volunteer Event.

See this article for information on how to do this:

(Advanced) Ability to add Google Site Verification MetaTags (HOC3-11146)

For users who wish to add google site verification tags to their site, its now possible to do so.

In the CMS, go to AddOns - and select Site Wide Settings.

Here, along with previously available meta tags - you'll also be able to add a meta tag for a Google Key and a meta tag for the Google Value .  Once added, these tags will appear as google expects to find them, in the header of your pages.  You can add more than one custom meta tag as needed for your site.



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