HOC3 Release Notes: 3.0.30 (July 13, 2017)

This release contains continued improvements to the infrastructure of HOC 3.0 including the ability to track additional information when activity takes place on HOC public sites, sharing portal and check-in kiosks. There have also been a number of improvements to the way HOC appears on mobile and tablet devices.

Improved Calendar Page for mobile and tablet devices (HOC3-3011 and 3452)

The HOC Volunteer Opportunity Calendar has been quite awkward to use on Mobile devices.  Getting a 7 day view in a small width made things just too compressed.

With this release we introduce new improved mobile versions of the calendar.  They are much easier to use, navigate through, and see opportunities by date.  Features include:  

  • Month, Week, or Day view selection
  • < and > icons move you forward or backward by month, week, or day depending on view being used.
  • Today button quickly brings you back to the current month, week, or current day depending on which view you're in.
  • "More" link shows additional opportunities taking place that day.




Text Updates on Public Site

1.  The regisration form field "Place of Employment" has been updated to "Employer",  matching the actual field on the back end of the site.  Some volunteers have been confused and were entering the 'place' where they worked (an address) instead of the Employer name.   (HOC3-2732)

2. Column label on Team Creation page changed from "E-mail & Communication preferences to "E-mail"

3. A missing period was added to the end of a sentence on the public site when a volunteer has already expressed interest.

Verified Volunteers: Help Text added in sharing portal (HOC3-3698)

If you are using Verified Volunteers in the sharing portal, the field "Minimum Required Level of Verification" is shown as part of the "Create a Volunteer Opportunity" page.   For those partners who are not using verified volunteers, the name of this field and its function is not self-explanatory.  

Help text has been added to the field so partners not using VV will understand what the field is for, and that's its only relevant IF you are using Verified Volunteers.

The help text is: "This field for partners using Verified Volunteers background checking service only. For more information on using Verified Volunteers, please contact your system administrator."


Advanced Registration System and Form Improvements

A number of performance improvements and features have been added to the Advanced Registration System (ARS)

  • When using ARS for Opportunity Signup customizations - all system 'success' pages for various types of volunteer opportunties, individual and team signup are now supported so that the appropriate success page is presented during opportunity signup in ARS workflows.
  • Forms now include a currency field option.  The new currency field is compatible for use with international currencies.
  • Forms can now be configured to update an existing contact record for a logged in user.
Improvements made to reset password functionality (HOC3-2963)

improvements have been made to the password infrastructure to reduce errors occasionally reported where user is not able to successfully reset their password.


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