HOC Release (March 26, 2020)

This release features continued improvements to ADA compliance for websites, improvements to the performance of forms, and additional  'under the hood' improvements to HandsOn Connect's public site and sharing portal.  Here's two small but welcome fixes / improvements you'll notice in this release.

Bug Fix: Some reports won't run in sharing portal for Volunteer Leaders (HOC3-11153)

A few months ago we made it possible to share certain types of reports with Volunteer Leaders in the sharing portal.  A recently discovered bug indicated that some reports shared with Volunteer Leaders could not be run.  This bug has been fixed.

As always, follow these guidelines when creating reports to share with either partners or volunteer leaders in the sharing portal.

Improvements to Team Sign up / Express Interest (HOC3-11093)

When a team captain signs up or expresses interest with a team, there are circumstances where not all team members will be signed up, because some team members did not meet certain requirements for that opportunity.   The Success Page will now articulate, for each team member that wasn't connected, the reason the connection was not made.  Additionally an alert that all team members were not signed up will be posted at the top of the Success Page:



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