HOC 3 Release Notes 3.0.33 (Aug 17, 2017

A lot of the work in this release has been 'under-the-hood' improvements in the speed in which new features can be activated or deactivated upon client requests and to enable more detailed tracking on activity in the sharing portal.

There were also improvements to prevent validation errors associated with data entered on donation forms. A minor bug on a use case where teams could not be created on the public site has been fixed. Some additional fixes have been added to support date and time formats for International Customers.

A pilot has begun for our first partnership with a volunteer rewards program. See the article below for more information on this new program.  This new program will be generally available to all HOC clients to opt into on or about August 31.

And thanks to United Way of Greater St. Louis for funding development for a new feature that will eventually become available as standard feature for all HandsOn Connect clients: Separate home pages for each profile in the sharing portal.  For a sneak peek at this new feature now in pilot by St. Louis - see the articles below.

Bug Fix: Organization Registration Form - Title (HOC3-4185)

On the organization registration form on the public site, the field "Title" was not populating the title of the contact in the contact record in Salesforce.  This has been corrected.

Pilot: Cabot Reward Volunteers Program

HandsOn Connect has formed a partnership with Cabot Creamery to allow your volunteers and the organizations they serve to earn rewards through Cabot's Reward Volunteers program.  See this article for more details on the program and how to activate this on your site if you wish to participate.  The access to opt-into the program will be generally available to all HOC clients starting on or about August 31.  If you do not find the opt-in option on your volunteer registration form and personal information page by August 31st, open a help ticket and request  that it be activated for your account.  

Pilot: Sharing Portal: Separate Home Pages for each profile

Up until now, both Partner Staff and Volunteer Leaders have shared the same page content in the Home menu item visible when they first log into the sharing portal.

United Way of Greater St. Louis funded the development of the infrastructure to allow each profile to have its own home page, and is currently testing out its functionality, and some special use-case scenarios for their organization.

After the pilot period, the ability to have a separate home page in the sharing portal for Partner Staff and Volunteer Leader will be made generally available to all HOC clients. For a sneak peek at how this will work, see this article.


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