HOC Release Notes (Feb 4, 2021)

This release fixes a handful of occasional bugs that cropped up for users, and features improvements in the sharing portal and CMS.

Administrative Alert:  New Search will be activated for all clients on March 4.  Take action to preview and update your new search and calendar block now

As announced 2 weeks ago, we are in a 'preview' period for our New Search and Calendar layouts.  On March 4, the new /search and /calendar blocks will be turned on for all customers.  This will give you access to more filters, features, and options in customizing your standard /search page and /calendar page.

We urge all system administrators to preview the new search, and configure the default /search and /calendar block to meet their desired configurations before the new blocks go live on March 4!

For instructions on how to preview new search and the new calendar, as well as configure them in preparation for their going live on March 4, please read this article from the last set of release notes.

Once configured, you can request that we enable your new search block at any time between now and March 4th.  On March 4th, new search will be live for all HOC clients, and you'll no longer have access to your old search block and calendar, and the 'advanced search block' will be removed from the system.

New Search now supports google analytics detail on searches (HOC3-10097)

Once new search is enabled on March 4th (or, if you request we activate it for you before then), you'll be able to use Google Analytics to gather metrics on searches (e.g. search terms used, starting pages, etc.). The new /search and /calendar page will send search metrics to your google analytics account.

Forms: Ability to display radio buttons in columns (HOC3-13293)

When choosing to display a picklist in a form as radio buttons, the radio buttons appeared one on top of the other.  It's now possible to have those buttons appear in columns (i.e. 2 or 3 buttons across the page in each row).
A new setting "Columns number" allows you to select the number of columns:


Displays as:

Forms: Ability to set label to left or right of checkbox fields (HOC3-13378)

When using a checkbox field in a form, you can now specify whether you want the checkbox to be to the left or right of the label.   (You can also align the label to the left, center, or right of the page)

Default location name for newly registering organizations (HOC3-12842)

When a new organization registers on the site, a location record has been automatically created for them based on their location information.   Previously, the 'name' of this organization record had been the address of the organization.  This has been improved, and the organization 'name' in the location record will now be the name of the organization itself, since this is, in fact, their location :-)

Bug Fix: Self-reporting will not block an overlap time with a declined connection (HOC3-13337)

Because HOC, by default, blocks a user from having two connections that take place at the same overlapping time for two different opportunities, some users experienced a problem self-reporting when they had previously had a connection at the same time, but had since declined it.

Now, declined connections will not be examined when considering when user is trying to create a self-reported connection at the same time they already had a managed connection.  

Improvement: stay in mobile or tablet layout mode when editing (HOC3-13321)

Previously, when editing the tablet or mobile layout, switching to another page using a page link (e.g. menu item, text link, or button), would switch you back to the desktop layout - forcing you to select the mobile layout again.  Now, while working on mobile or tablet layouts, you will remain in that layout as you work from page to page.

Feature Retired: "Yes, I'd like to receive communications from HandsOn Network" in volunteer registration form (HOC3-12674)

As announced in release notes in Sept, 2020, we have removed the optional question "Yes, I'd like to receive communications from HandsOn Network" from the System Form / Volunteer Registration settings, and the Personal Information Page.   Checking this box did not automatically subscribe anyone to communication from the HandsOn Network.

HandsOn Connect clients who wish to manually provide volunteer email addresses to HandsOn Network, can create a custom field and use the ARS to ask if users would like their info submitted to HandsOn Network.



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