HOC Release Notes (May 13, 2021)

This release included upgrades to several libraries that provide basic functionality in HandsOn Connect.  There was a brief disruption of registration processes as a result of one of these new libraries, but it was quickly reported by HOC users and immediately fixed.  We're sorry for the inconvenience it caused.  we are continually updating HandsOn Connect to make sure it keeps up with changes in browser technology, and the majority of this release was related to maintaining operability and compatibility with the ever-changing web.  Here's a few items in this week's release.

Compatibility of HandsOn Connect with Safari on Ipad. (HOC3-13834)

There were a number of issues with navigation menus when using Safari on Apple's Tablet platform - the Ipad.  We have updated libraries to fix navigation issues when using HandsOn Connect on an Ipad.

Forms now support percentage fields (HOC3-13659)

Salesforce has a field type called percentage - and HOC forms did not have direct support for populating percentage fields.  Until now!  We've added support in forms for percentage fields.  100% terrific new feature :-)


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Availability labels for Occurrence Headers (Beta - available by request)  (HOC3-13702)

A new optional feature in beta is the ability to display  the number of spots available in the header section of the occurrence list.  For now, this must be enabled by support, so if you wish to try this feature open a support ticket are request "Enable Availability labels for occurrence headers".

Once enabled, the number of spots available for volunteer opportunities will be displayed in the header.  The header will display:

  • X spots remaining
  • Full. No spots remaining.  
  • Full. Waitlist available.
  • and if registration has not started, "Registration starts on [Date]

Here's an example of what occurrence headers look like with this feature on (as well as using occurrence names optionally)

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