HOC Release Notes (11/29/2018)

Today's release adds a few improvements, fixes some bug fixes, and addresses the continued issues with Internet Explorer 11.

Internet Explorer Issues

There have been a number of reports of problems for users of HOC public sites when using Internet Explorer 11.   Ultimately, Microsoft's lack of update for IE 11 have made the browser a bad choice for the modern Internet and there are increased reports of problems using HOC via IE11.  

We have addressed the most critical of these issues - but have also announced (as many sites have done), that IE 11 will not be supported by HOC after March 31, 2019.  Read those details here.

We have however resolved the following issues impacting IE11 users:

(HOC3-8483, HOC3-8448)). Volunteer Opportunities not showing up when entering invitation code on Business Pages.   Fixed.

(HOC3-8494) Users unable to log into public site using IE11. Logo and Header images not shown  Fixed.

(HOC3-8495). Image Slider on Home Page not visible when using IE11.  Fixed.
Opportunity Detail page signup options and details not shown when using IE11.  Fixed.

We will continue to address the most critical problems with IE11 up until 3/31/19, but IE11 is no longer working on many advanced web sites, so it's best to discourage your users from using it.


We encourage you to post a notice on your Home Page that IE11 may no longer work on your site after 3/31/2019 and encourage your users to update to using a modern browser such as Chrome or Firefox or Safari.  This will encourage people to think about upgrading their web browsing methodology.

You can include any of the text from our announcement linked above if you desire to explain why support is being dropped.

Advanced Registration System (ARS) Improvements and Bug Fixes (HOC3-8473)

(HOC3-8473) The branch logic for 'less than' a number was not working.  This has been fixed.

(HOC3-8465) Branch logic did not work as expected with international date format.  This has been fixed.



Forms: Bug Fix: Branch logic now responds to current state of a picklist value (HOC3-8395)

If you were using the value of a picklist item in a form to determine whether or not to display a field, it only was working when someone initially selected the picklist value.  It has now been improved so that if a picklist value already exists that branch logic is depending on - the branch logic will be applied.

Improvements to Sharing on Facebook

Facebook recently changed its API for sharing opportunities in Facebook posts, and we've improved the open graph tagging used in HandsOn Connect to comply with their new standards.

Sharing Volunteer Opportunities: (HOC3-8431) The og:title will now be the title of the Volunteer Opportunity.  The og:description will now be the opportunity description (as much of it as facebook allows to be published).

Sharing Volunteer Events:  (HOC3-8432) The og:title will now be the volunteer event title.  The og:description will now be the Special Event Description. (Note: there is currently an issue being corrected regarding this... it is finding html content instead of the description text itself).  This will hopefully be fixed in the next week.)  

Organization Registration Form Improvement (HOC3-8496)

Users can now update the Organization Registration form and remove the requirement for the submitting contact to state their 'title'.

Note however: that its a best practice to know what position a person requesting permission to post volunteer opportunities for an organization has. We recommend keeping the 'title' field as required -- however if your business practices do not require knowing the position an organization's primary contact holds - you can remove this requirement.


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