HOC Release Notes (July 22, 2021)

This bulk of this release  includes significant improvements in accessibility for using the public site with keyboards and screen readers. Here's a few other things you'll find in this release.

Bug Fix:  Rich Text Editor had lost several features (HOC3-14414)

The rich text editor used in HOC was recently upgraded, and the upgrade appeared to remove several features (icons) that users generally rely on, including the ability to upload images.   This has been fixed and the former functionality is back!

Improvement in registering via a social media account (HOC3-14376)

Some users, when registering their account via Facebook, Google, or Linked In, have assumed they were finished and navigated off the registration page before completing additional fields and/or the ARS necessary to complete the registration process.  A message now appears after starting the registration process via a social network, advising the user to complete the remaining fields in the registration process.

Ability to have an automatic refresh of listing blocks (HOC3-10842)

CMS Listing blocks can be an incredibly powerful way to bring the contents fgrom Salesforce List Views to the public site.  One limitation of these blocks has been the fact that if the data in Salesforce has been updated, the listing block on the public site appears the same, if you remain on the page, even though the Salesforce data has changed.  (The listing block only refreshes if you refresh or reload the page the block is on.)

This presents a limitation for some imaginative uses of listing blocks on the public site. It's now possible, for us to upgrade a listing block so that it auto-refreshes 30 seconds after the data in the listing block has been modified in Salesforce.

Listing blocks do not, by default, auto-refresh, however if you have a use case for a listing block, where auto-refreshing the data is needed, you can open a support ticket and make the request.  Please provide the following information:

  • Subject of ticket:  Enable auto-refresh for Listing block
  • Name of the Listing block
  • URL of the page the listing block appears on.


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