HOC release Notes (June 24, 2021)

This release features the start of a process to improve accessibility to HandsOn Connect sites, making them more  fully accessible to screenreaders  and bringing HOC in compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).  You will start to notice certain alerts, pop-ups, tabs, error messages and other navigation features taking on a new look and feel to make them more accessible.  There is greater access to use the tab key to move between fields and to submit buttons, and the enter/return key can 'press' a submit button.  You will notice small, visual improvements to your public site (for example, greater contrast in placeholder text in fields). This work will continue over the coming months.

There are additional internal improvements and a few new features as highlighted below:

Ability to Register or LogIn via Google (HOC3-14262)

HandsOn Connect has previously made it possible for a user to register, or to log-in to their account using Facebook and/or Linked In.  We've now added the ability to Register or Log-in using one's Google Account.   The Log in with Google button will now appear on all Log-in Screens by default.

Log in with Google will automatically appear on all HOC sites.  (If you do not wish to allow log-in via google, please open a support ticket and we can deactivate this for you on request)  

Logging in with Facebook or LinkedIn are available by request (as we have to configure the login individually for each site).  If you do not have login with Facebook or LinkedIn and wish these options added for you, please open a support ticket requesting this be added to your instance of HOC

ARS Branch login and signup flows now support String Fields in Contacts (HOC3-14150)

The ARS Log In Workflow and Opportunity Signup workflows now allow branch logic to examine 'string' fields (text fields), and build logic accordingly.   For example, You could now create branch Logic based on the name of a contact's Employer (comparing it to the text field 'Employer'),  or to branch if the Employer field is empty.  All contact text fields are now available for use with branch logic.

This gives greater power to the capabilities possible in Login and Opportunity SignUp ARS workflows.

Null/Empty Conditions in branch logic extended to forms (HOC3-14180)

In the last release, we introduced the ability to use branch logic to test fields for empty or not empty conditions. (null / not null).  This capability has been extended to all forms (not just within the ARS).   So form users now can build branch logic based on this criteria to determine whether or not to show or hide fields.


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