HOC Release Notes (August 17, 2023)

This release provides under the hood improvements to make HOC public sites operate more efficiently when interacting with Salesforce. It also provides some bug fixes and new features as described below

New Features:

Payment component - Allow an "additional amount" plus the selected value or values (HOC3-17961)

A new configuration field to allow an additional amount was implemented.

When this option is enabled, users will have the option to add an additional amount to their selected amount in a custom form.

Volunteer Registration ARS: Redirect to URL (HOC3-17967)

We added the ability to redirect to a specific URL in the Volunteer Registration ARS.

Opportunity Registration ARS: Redirect to URL (HOC3-18082)

We added the ability to redirect ot a specific URL in the Opportunity Registration ARS.

Listing Block:  Ability to set the Initial Date in Calendar Format (HOC3-17984)
  • The ability to set a starting date for Volunteer Opportunities was added to the Listing Block when the selected format is Calendar.
  • The same ability was added to the Search Result Block when it's in the Calendar format.
  • The Open As setting was added to set the display layout to Day, Week, or Month.
Verification Code Improvements (HOC3-17841)

We made improvements to the verification code process to ensure users can sign up successfully when the code is valid.

Bug Fixes:

Custom Confirmation Page with Payment Component (HOC3-18060)

We fixed an issue that prevented the custom confirmation page from appearing when using the payment component in a custom form.

Distorted Site Look and Feel (HOC3-18064)

We implemented a new cache system to improve site speed that caused some site's image blocks to appear large than expected.

Form - Payment Component amount from Salesforce not working (HOC3-18071)

We fixed an issue that prevented custom forms from loading an existing amount from Salesforce.

Filters are stuck and users cannot see other information (HOC3-18090)

Fixed an issue that prevented filters from resetting in Safari.

Image Slider Layout Issue (HOC3-18091)

Fixed an issue that caused the image slider block associated with unique regions to not appear correctly.

Payment data is not updated in salesforce (HOC3-18106)

Fixed an issue that prevented the payment data from updating in Salesforce when you have multiple 'none' values in the Salesforce mapping.


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