HOC Release (May 30, 2019)

This release includes a new optional feature for team signup, and an improvement to the way teams are checked-in when using the Check-In Kiosk add-on.  This release also includes bug fixes and some under the hood groundwork for an upcoming feature in development to provide more flexibility in opportunity detail pages.  Here's details on the most prominent fixes and features in this release.

New Beta Feature:  Option to allow team captains to reserve slots for unnamed  team members. (HOC3-7339)

A new advanced option is now available for Volunteer Opportunity sign-ups by teams.  With a short speedup by your system administrator, It is now possible, as an option, to allow team captains to sign up both named team members as they’ve done in the past, AND to additionally reserve slots for unnamed, anonymous team members.  For more info on how this feature will work if enabled, see this article.  


For those of you wanting to enable this feature - here's instructions for system admins on how to make this available in Salesforce.


Improvement and change to the Check-in Kiosk, for those who allow team check-in as well as Guest check-in. (HOC3-7339)

In the past, if you allowed team check-in AND guest check-in, a person who said they were part of a team, but did not have an existing connection for the opportunity, would receive an ‘error’ message saying “Sorry, you are not part of this team. Please see  your team captain or opportunity leader, or sign in as an individual volunteer today rather than as a member of this team.”  
Essentially, this was a roadblock to a team captain bringing additional volunteers with them, as there was no way for a guest volunteer to check-in as part of their team.  The best that could be done would be to have them register as an individual guest, and subsequently you would have to administratively go in and create a team member record for them and associate that guest volunteers connection with the team they came in with.

Now, with this release, we’ve made two major improvements to how teams can check-in when you’ve enabled guest check-ins as well.  

1. If your guest configuration only allows those with confirmed connections to check-in guests, team captains will now be able to indicate how many guests they’ve brought with their team.  (This was only available for individuals previously).

2. If you have guest configuration 4, where you have guests create new accounts as part of check-in, team members without existing connections will now be able to register and connect themselves as part of their existing team.  No administrative clean-up necessary!

See this article for the details on how check-in for teams in conjunction with guest configurations will work.


These changes are now live for kiosk users. If you have any questions or concerns about these changes to team check-in in the kiosk, please come to one of our daily lab sessions and/or open a support ticket at http://support.handsonconnect.org  

Bug Fix:  Mobile view of team check-in via check-in kiosk (HOC3-9363)

On some mobile devices, the view for a captain checking in their team in the check-in kiosk was difficult to use, with check-boxes obscuring parts of the names.  This has been fixed.

Improved error message when editing a team member's email address (HOC3-9501)

In a prior release, we made it possible for a team captain to edit the information for a non-registered team member (i.e. correct spelling errors in the name, or add an email address where they previously hadn't entered one or entered it incorrectly).   However, if they entered an existing email address as the email address, it resulted in an error (since no two contacts can have the same email address).  The error message was somewhat user unfriendly, so now the error message is specific and clarifies the issue and proposes ways to address this:


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