HOC 3 Release Notes (Feb 22, 2018)

This release contains the usual performance improvements, bug fixes, and ease of use improvements.  Here's the highlights of this release!

Sharing Portal: Report Attendance now supports sorting of contact names by last name! (HOC3-5637)

The report attendance feature used to place contact names alphabetically by first name.  However, if you are using the check-in sheet (which sorts alphabetically by last name), it was tough to quickly visually report attendance.

Now the report attendance table allows you to sort by First Name OR Last Name.  You can also reverse the order alphabetically by clicking on the header.

Tip:  Use the Search box to limit the list to one volunteer opportunity, or to one occurrence  (You can search by Opportunity Name or by Start Time).   Then alphabetize as you like!

Sharing Portal: Ability to cancel an occurrence on the day it takes place (HOC3-6104)

The option to 'cancel' an occurrence was not available on the day an occurrence takes place. This has been corrected. An opportunity coordinator can now use the cancel button to cancel an occurrence up until the time it is scheduled to end.  This allows for last-minute cancellations.

When cancelling at the last minute - its best to call your volunteers who may not have time to see the email notifying them that the project has been cancelled.  

Sharing Portal: Ability to edit the Opportunity Coordinator at the Occurrence Level (HOC3-6234)

Previously, A partner staff, with permission to edit occurrences, did not have access to change the opportunity coordinator for that occurrence.  This is sometimes necessary if someone else on their staff who has partner staff access is going to take over as opportunity coordinator.

Now it will be possible to edit the Opportunity Coordinator and select a different one when editing an occurrence.

There was also confusion about the fact that you could edit the opportunity coordinator when editing the Volunteer Opportunity.  However, that doesn't change or update existing coordinators (who could be different for each occurrence).  The 'opportunity coordinator" in the Volunteer Opportunity view is actually the DEFAULT opportunity coordinator  (the one that shows up by default when you create new occurrences).  To make this clearer,  this field is now labeled "Default Opportunity Coordinator"

Error Message Improvement: Explanation of why a volunteer cannot sign up (HOC3-6187)

When a volunteer does not meet one or more requirements for signing up for a volunteer opportunity, a message is displayed telling them they can't sign up.  Previously, this listed the first 'unmet condition' for signing up, and they might not see other requirements that prevented signup.

The improved error message will alert an individual signing up of ALL the conditions that must be met before they can sign up!


Bug Fix: Search filter "Activity Type" now brings in correct values (HOC3-5976)

When creating a volunteer opportunity, there is an optional search characteristic called "Activity Type" that describes the sort of activity a volunteer will be doing,  This field value also is presented on the opportunity detail page.

The activity types, if used, were not being correctly displayed in search or on the opportunity detail page.  This has been corrected.

Page Content Improvement: Team Creation Success Page (HOC3-5924)

The text that appears after a team has been created included this slightly misleading text:

"You can modify your team opportunity signups by clicking "Modify Participation" on the My Teams page. You can add additional members to your team by clicking the "Manage Team" button on the My Teams page."

It has been corrected to accurately reflect the names of the buttons and links.  It now reads:

"You can modify your team opportunity signups by clicking on the “Participants” link for this opportunity which can be found on the My Account / Overview page and on the My Teams page.

You can add additional members to your team by clicking the "Manage Team" button on the My Teams page."


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