HOC 3.0 Release Notes 3.13 / 3.14 (Feb 17 - 24)

The following items are the highlights of the most recent  release of improvements and bug fixes for HOC 3.0 customers.

Improvement to month view of Calendar (HOC3-2057)

As a first step in the planned improvements to search and calendar, a significant improvement to the monthly calendar has been released.  Each day on the monthly calendar has been expanded so that you can see full title of opportunities, and more opportunities per day are immediately visible.

The "more" link, which appears when 6 or more opportunities take place on a single day, now has a more robust pop up view so that all opportunities from the single day can be seen and full opportunities titles can be read.


Volunteer Portal: New Search fixed (HOC3-1878)

An issue where clicking on 'new search' did not always clear existing filters has been corrected.

Clicking on 'new search' will now clear all filters except:

  • City & State and/or Zip Code   (required and auto-populated)
  • Date From  (is reset to today)
Volunteer Portal: Account overview page opportunity names now hyperlink to opportunity detail pages (HOC3 -1481)

The names of Volunteer opportunities on the Account overview page for volunteers, now hyperlink to the Opportunity's detail page, making it easier for volunteers to see opportunity details.

Volunteer Portal: Fixed - Custom Registration questions not showing up on Personal Information Page for volunteers (HOC3-2055)

Custom registratioin questions were not showing up for all users on the personal information page.  (If they hadn't previously answered the question, then the question itself wasn't appearing.  This has been fixed so that volunteer can update and/or answer custom registration questions on this page.

Volunteer Portal: Waitlist functionality Fixed (HOC3-1625)

Two bugs related to waitlist functionality were fixed in this release.

  • Emails were not being consistently sent to waitlisted volunteers notifying them of space becoming available.
  • A volunteer with a waitlisted connection, who then signed up for the occurrence when space became available, was not having their connection updated to confirmed.  This has been corrected.
Volunteer Portal: Team Sign up issue fixed (HOC3-2075)

When someone had an individual connection, and then declined it, and then created a team connection instead, volunteers were not able to successfully register as part of a team.  This has been corrected so that a declined individual connection (with decline reason "removed themselves") will now be properly updated if the volunteer subsequently signs up as part of a team.

CMS: unresponsive when using Safari browser (HOC3-1971)

The CMS menus did not always respond when using the Safari browser.  This has been improved for better performance for those editing using Safari.

Advanced Registration System (ARS) donation forms now support Paypal (HO3-1474)

For those using the ARS, it's now possible to use either Click & Pledge, or PayPal as a merchant system for handling on-line donations during registration or opportunity sign-up.


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