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HOC (Jan 6, 2017) and HOC (Jan 13, 2017) Release Notes

The most recent two releases to HandsOn Connect 3.0 covered 37 new features, bug fixes, and improvements.  Here are the highlights in these two releases.

Bug Fix: Special Event Images (HOC3-1470)

It was discovered that the newly implemented availability of Special Events pages in HOC3 was not displaying images properly on the Special Event Detail page.  This has been fixed and images will now display as expected.

Improvement to Public Site Search Result Page (HOC3-1472)

The HandsOn Connect pubic site search page always shows the date of the next upcoming occurrence (if not full) for a volunteer opportunity. This didn't make it clear that there might be additional occurrences of that opportunity on future dates.

To improve clarity on this, date and time opportunities with additional occurrences now display a "More" link after the date of the next occurrence.  Clicking on the opportunity or the word 'more' will take you to the opportunity detail page where all upcoming occurrence dates will be displayed.


Pilot: Reporting in Partner Portal (HOC 3-582, 725, 836, 1373

We have opened a pilot program to test the new functionality which makes it possible for reports to be made available in the partner portal. If you are interested in testing the new reporting functionality please open a ticket in zendesk and request participating the "partner reporting pilot".

For those of you in the pilot, here's how reporting works:

1. If you don't already have a folder for reports for your partners,  Create or edit a folder to place your partner reports in. In this example I don't already have a folder, so I'm creating a folder called "Partner Reports".   Set the folder access to Read/Write, and the sharing to "All Users, including portal users."

If you already have a folder for your partner reports, you can skip this step.

In any case - put at least one (or more) reports into this folder for your partners to access:

Note:  in the partner portal, reports will not have clickable links, so we recommend not including fields with record names like CO-000234 or OC-000235  as these terms will be meaningless to partners who don't have to worry about Salesforce record names.

2. Go into the CMS and select that folder to publish in your partner portal:

  • Select CMS / AddOns / Partner Staff Reports
  • Choose the report folder(s) you wish to make available to partners.  Toggle the folder to "Yes" in the column "Available for Partner Staff"


3. In the partner portal:  a new menu item appears, and clicking on it reveals the available report folder(s):

4. Clicking on the report folder shows links to the individual reports that are available.  You can click on a report name to run the report.


5. The report will be run (a 'please wait' message will be displayed while the report is being loaded.  The finished report can be viewed, sorted (if its a tabular report), and exported as a .csv file


Reports are cached for 24 hours to speed up performance.  A user has the option to get a freshly run version of the report by clicking on "Get a fresh version" after the report appears, those this requires the report to be generated again and will take longer than viewing a cached version.

Note: Due to limits in the Salesforce API - a report can only return 2000 records.  Design your reports so that the filtered results are unlikely to return more than 2000 records for any of your partners.   (You can choose to create separate reports with different filters to ensure that all records can be returned by running separate, filtered reports.)

Improvements to Mobile display of custom themes (HOC3-1484)

In HOC 3 there are a number of alternate themes (the look and style of the website) available. Improvements continue to be made to ensure that alternate themes are optimized for mobile display, making HOC 3 equally accessible on web, tablets and phones.

Improved ease of use for editing connections in sharing portal (HOC3-1427)

It was discovered that when editing a connection the dependencies between status and attendance status were not being maintained.  This has been fixed so that when the status of a connection is changed, no illegal values for attendance status remain in the connection, and attendance status is cleared or updated appropriately.

This will prevent partners from creating data integrity problems when editing connections.

Example: Please verify attendance status should only be possible for connections with status = confirmed (not waitlisted or cancelled or pending approval).

Removed hyperlinks to contacts in connections when contact permissions are not enabled (HOC3-1429)

In the Volunteer Leader portal, by default, leaders do not have access to contact records. Rather than have an error message appear if they clicked on the contact name in the connection grid - we've adjusted it so that the contact name is no longer a hyperlink when read permission is not enabled for Volunteer Leaders.

Bug Fix: Dates and Times in table filters appear in chronological order (HOC3-1340)

In the last release the ordering of dates and times of occurrences was fixed to appear in proper chronological order (instead of alphabetical).

This fix has been extended to the filters used in the various tables and grids.  All dates and times will now appear chronologically.

Advanced Registration System (ARS) - addition of forms - HOC3-901

The Advanced Registration System is an optional HOC 3 add-on that allows the creation of custom registration pages and processes -- allowing a customizable registration experience.

Options include:

  • Additional pages of content
  • Custom fields that will populate directly into records in Salesforce
  • Payment or Donation processing pages (integrated with Click and Pledge)
  • Parental Consent process
  • Acknowledgement of a waiver (captured in a custom field in the contact record)

The add-on also allows for customizations to the sign-up process of individual volunteer opportunities.

If you have a need for customized registration or sign-up processes - contact us about adding the ARS module to your instance of HandsOn Connect.

The newest addition to the ARS is the ability to create forms which can be embeded  into pages that can be part of the registration process or project sign up process.  Forms can also be used to create surveys and other stand-alone sources of user-input.  Forms include the following abilities:

  • The ability to capture user inputs in labeled fields of text, checkboxes, radio buttons, multi-picklists, dates, and other field types
  • The ability to create field labels, picklist values, and help text.
  • The ability to export user data directly from your CMS's internal database, or
  • The ability to map the form directly to standard or customized fields in Salesforce
  • Logic Branching to control which fields are displayed on the form in response to inputs to other fields in the form.

Forms become a powerful tool that allow for customized registration processes and sign-ups and provides a more direct way to create custom registration questions and populate detail directly on the contact record.

The screenshot below shows the interface for creating a form via the ARS:

Advanced Registration System (ARS) - ability to add custom 'success pages" HOC3-858

When creating a workflow for custom opportunity signup pages, it is possible to select the success page for 'sign-up' 'express interest' or to create a custom success page which unique messaging just for that particular volunteer opportunity.

Non-verified Parental Consent Functionality added to Advanced Registration System (ARS) - HOC3-1052

A new element has been added to the Advanced Registration System add-on for HOC 3. This functionality calculates the age of a volunteer, and then sends a customizable email to the parent of the volunteer with a link to a customizable page on the public site the parent is directed to. On this page the parent can give their consent for the minor volunteer's account to be activated.

This functionality (available only to those using the ARS add-on to HOC3) makes it possible to require parental consent before a volunteer account can be activated.

When using this feature, admins should add two new fields to the contact record:

  • Parental Consent  (picklist)
  • Parent Email (email)


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