HOC3 Release Notes: 3.0.29 (June 29, 2017)

This release includes improvements to image resolution handling for image blocks and slider block on mobile devices, and improvements to existing site themes.  Improvements have been made to business page styles, color and layout.  A number of internal core improvements have been made to speed up the system and improve reliability.  

Here are notes on three features of note to users of HandsOn Connect Add-Ons the check-in Kiosk, Advanced Registration System (ARS) or anyone creatingi custom forms, and the Parental Consent add-on.

Check-In Kiosk Improvement (HOC3-2788)


Its now possible to identify connections that were created or edited via the check-in kiosk.  This makes it possible for users to consruct workflows or processes that are or aren't applied if the connection was created or last updated via the check-in kiosk.  (As an example -- perhaps you don't want the normal confirmation email to be sent, when a guest checks-in (thereby creating a new connection) via the check-in kiosk.   You can now clone and update the workflow that sends confirmation emails and say 'don't send IF the connection was created via the kiosk".

The fields used to identify the source of record creation and updates are these:

  • HOC_CreationSource__c   -- will have a value of HOC-Kiosk-3.0 if the connection was created via the kiosk
  • HOC_EditionSource__c - will have a value of HOC-Kiosk-3.0 if the update to the connection was done via the kiosk.
ARS and Form Improvement: Picklists now support 'autosuggest' (HOC3-3375)

When creating forms in the CMS - picklists now have an option to 'auto-suggest' text rather than simply display a picklist.  When auto-suggest is enabled, a picklist will allow you to type in a picklist item name and this will filter the available picklist values making selection of the appropriate picklist value quick and easy.


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