HOC Release (Feb 27, 2020)

This release has been focused on internal improvements, and addressed a few bugs that occurred in certain rare conditions.  Most of you haven't encountered the mini-bugs that were fixed :-).   There have also been improvements in the performance of forms and listview blocks.  Here's a couple of things worth mentioning in this release.

Sharing Portal: Ability to remove defaults for Minimum Age and Minimum Age with Adults when creating Volunteer Opportunities (HOC3-9439)

In your sharing portal, when your site was configured we asked you what you wanted the default value to be for minimum age and minimum age with adult (if visible) when partners are creating volunteer opportunities.  Of course, partners could overwrite those defaults whenever they desired.   Some customers have asked if the defaults could be removed, because their partners do not update the values and instead use the defaults without realizing them.  

It's now possible, by making a request to support, for us to have NO default age set for these fields.  In that case, partners must fill in the age manually, as no default will be shown.   If you wish to have the default updated or removed entirely for one or both of these fields, please open a support ticket.

Flex Model Fix:  Use default contact record type when creating team contacts (HOC3-10770)

For users who have HOC set up in Flex model and are using custom contact record types as defaults, the contact record type you've set as a default for newly registered volunteers will now also be applied as the record type when a team captain creates team members on the public site.


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