HOC Release Notes (Sept 24, 2020)

This release has internal improvements to form functionality  (including validations that warn you when a field isn't properly configured in a form), an update to the support site, and additional customization options for a number of blocks in the CMS.

HOC Support site now allows you to update your email address / login (HOC3- 12655)

The support site at https://support.handsonconnect.org now supports updating your email address (which is your log-in for the site as well as the email address replies to your support tickets will be sent to.

Should you need to update your email address, log in, go to "My Account" and select "Personal Information".  You can also update your phone number and your name :-)

When you change your email, you'll be send a verification code to the new email address to ensure that the new address is a valid email where you can receive mail!

Social Network Block title alignment (HOC3-12613)

The title in the social network block can now be aligned in a variety of different ways:   To access go to CMS / Blocks / Social Network and select "Title Display" in the settings for the block.  (Be sure you have 'display title" turned on in the advanced settings for the block.

Ability to set Title size and color in image slider block (HOC3-12684)

You can now set the color and the size of the 'title' in each of your slides in the image slider block.  
CMS / Blocks / Image Slider

For each slide youi can set the Title Color (a color picker will appear), and a size (in points).    If left blank, the default color and size will be used.


Banners and Alerts
Bug Fix:  Invalid credentials error when using saved logins in Chrome and some browsers (HOC3-12738)

Some users have encountered the error message "Invalid Credentials" when logging in to HandsOn Connect.  This was occurring in some cases, when for example, user was saving their login information in the chrome browser, and allowing the browser to fill in their username and password (as opposed to entering it manually).   We've addressed the circumstances in which this has occurred so far, but its possible that using auto-login with certain browsers may also trigger this error.   Please report if this happens to you or a user, and indicate the Browser and Version Number and Operating System.   The problem can generally be resolved by manually entering your login info rather than allowing the browser to auto-populate your credentials.  


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