HOC Release Notes (May 27, 2021)

This release features internal improvements to resolve a handful of rare errors that can occur, improvements to the opportunity search engine, bug fixes related to listing blocks, and a few exciting new features in the CMS.  Here are the highlights:

(Beta) Ability to make a page Print Friendly (HOC3-14057)

In order to make it easier for users to get a print friendly version of a given page there is now an option to make a page 'print friendly'.   To create a print friendly page, create or edit a page and go to 'advanced settings".  Check the box marked "Display Print Friendly Version Button"



Doing so will add a "print Friendly Version" button to the page:


Clicking this button will create a print friendly version of the page, open it in a new tab, and have a PRINT button which will then launch your browser's Print function:


The print friendly page ONLY displays the items in the main region content.  It does not include headers, footers or items in other regions.

The print friendly page only displays the content of the CMS page, Html blocks, Image Blocks, and Listing Blocks.   Other blocks are not considered in this beta version of "Print Friendly Page".

Ability to control visibility of Sharing portal table columns (HOC3-14072)

The sharing portal has a number of tables with columns.  For example:  The Volunteer Opportunities page shows Name, Posting Status, Schedule Type, Registration Type, and Type:


There are also tables for Connections and Occurrences (on the opportunity detail page), Reporting attendance, the contacts list, the locations list, and the connections in the related list of contacts.  

It's now possible to turn off, (or enable) the columns in these tables through the CMS.  Simply go to CMS / Blocks / Sharing Portal Lists and select the table you'd like to modify.  


Select the table you'd like to modify, and you'll see options to make columns and items visible or not.  Example:


Note:  You cannot add custom columns or any columns that do not appear in the settings.  This just gives you control over the existing column options.

Most users will not need to make adjustments here, but, for example, let's say you're using the "Occurrence Name" feature and would like to see the occurrence name on the 'report attendance' table.  With this feature, you're able to turn this column of information on if its useful to you.  The field "Occurrence Name" is now an optional field in the table for Report Attendance.

Occurrence Name now an optional field in Account Overview Page (HOC3-13791)

For organizations that make extensive use of the "Occurrence Name" field for occurrences, its now possible to show the Occurrence Name on a Volunteer's  Account overview page.  To do so, go to CMS / Blocks / System Forms / Volunteer Account Overview and make "Display Occurrence Name" visible:


Note: As mentioned in the first item in these release notes, you can also enable "Occurrence Name" in the sharing portal for the Report Attendance table.

Ability to disable the confirmation message after submitting a form (HOC3-13345)

When clicking on 'Submit' on a form, by default a Success Message is displayed assuring the user that their data was submitted:


However, if you are having the form redirect to another page after submitting, displaying this success pop-up may appear redundant or unnecessary.  Therefore, its now possible to choose whether or not to display the success page when submitting a form:

In the form, choose Yes for "Disable Confirmation Message After Submit Form" and the success pop-up will not appear.




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