April, 2017 Release Notes

The April Release brings 'under the hood' improvements to better support HOC 3.0 features and functions.

In addition, volunteers logging into their account will once again see waitlisted connections in the upcoming opportunities section of their My Account page, and an improvement to one step attendance reporting.

My Account / Upcoming Opportunities includes waitlisted connections (HOC-897)

By popular demand we've brought back the display of waitlisted connections in the Upcoming Opportunities grid of a volunteer's account.  That way they can quickly see if they are still on the waitlist for an upcoming occurrence.

If they remain on the waitlist, it will be removed from their volunteer history after the connection end date, since they won't have been confirmed as a volunteer.

HOC 3.0:   For HOC 3.0 users - a volunteer returning to the occurrence sign up page will see a message if they are already on the waitlist and there is still no space available.

If and when space becomes available, the SignUp button will once again appear and the volunteer will be able to sign up - which will convert their connection status from 'Waitlisted' to "Confirmed".

One-Step Volunteer Attendance Reporting now supports real-time check-in (HOC-905)

Not everyone may be aware of this, but in the connection grid of an occurrence, its possible to report attendance for any connection taking place that day.  This was added a while ago to make it possible for an admin to report attendance administratively as volunteers checked in for an occurrence taking place that day.

We've now extended this same functionality to the One Step Volunteer Attendance Reporting feature.  Previously it only displayed connections who end date and time had passed -- but now the attendance grid will also include any confirmed connections taking place that day.

This makes it possible for administrators, partners, and volunteer leaders to use the one-ste volunteer attendance reporting grid as a way to check volunteers in as they arrive for a volunteer opportunity  (instead of waiting until after the occurrence is over.

This brings the one-step attendance reporting feature in line with what's possible in the individual occurrence record grids, or via the HandsOn Connect add-on feature "Check-In Kiosk".

Internationalization Improvements (HOC877 and 879)

For HOC 3.0 customers using international time conventions and translations, the following improvements have been added to the admin site:

  • The Scheduler for Individually Scheduled Opportunities now usees the 24 hr format for International Customers
  • Improvements in managing languages for admin users working in different languages.


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