HOC Release (Feb 7, 2019)

This release features a ton of internal improvements that improve the speed and reliability of HandsOn Connect allowing it to function more efficiently for HOC customers with a lot of data!  We won't bore you with the technical underpinnings of improving the way we handle APIs -- but here's two visible improvements to Listing blocks and Search Results blocks :-)

Listing Block Improvements (HOC3-7948)

The CMS Listing Block continues to have expanded flexibility and power.  Here are some of the latest options for configuring Listing Blocks.

1) The default message that will be displayed when there are no available results for a listing block has been updated to "There are no items to display"

2)  You have the ability to customize the text you wish to appear when no results are available.   An html editor is available to populate your custom "No Results Message"

Other recent, handy options include:

  • The ability to display a salesforce view as a data table
  • The ability to allow exporting to CSV
  • The ability to Display a Search Section in some display formats


Search Results Block Improvements (HOC3-8481)

For customers using the search results block as an alternative to the standard HOC /search or /calendar pages -- the search result cards now includes the 'duration' of the Volunteer opportunity for date and time specific opportunities.




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