HOC Release Notes (October 13, 2022)

This release provides under the hood improvements to make HOC public sites operate more efficiently when interacting with Salesforce. It also provides some bug fixes and new features as described below:

New Features

Registration Verification Code Improvement (HOC3-16286)

We greatly appreciate all of the wonderful feedback regarding our Verification Code improvement introduced back in October of 2020. This feature was introduced to improve the security on your public site. Now we have made changes to improve the user experience based on the feedback received in cases, lab, surveys, and meetings.

  • Contacts will be redirected to a new page for their verification request. This helps improve the fluidity of the registration process.
  • The language on the Verification Page can be modified by CMS Admins (coming soon).
  • Resend logic was added so Contacts can resend the verification code after a specified time if they did not receive it.
  • Contacts can approve the Verification Code directly from their email to simplify this process.
Advanced Registration and Forms Session Variable Improvements (HOC3-16477)

A Session Variable brings in the ID of a Related Object or a field value for a Contact that's logged in. Session Variables are often used when filtering a Form, Block or adding Redirection Logic. For example, using a Listing Block to display applications from Salesforce. To ensure a Contact can only see their application we would use a Session Variable as shown in the example below. The Session Variable in this example is s:currentUserID.

We have made improvements to Session Variables when used in the Advanced Registration System (ARS) or Form Redirection to autocomplete when used with a text or numeric field. Now if you enter s: in one of these fields you should see options for Session Variables.

Session Variable options will also appear automatically when using picklist fields.

Reorder All Blocks Improvements (HOC3-16574)

Last month we released a feature that keeps the order of new blocks consistent on your desktop, tablet and mobile layouts. This creates a consistent experience for your Contacts no matter what device they are using.

We've added to this feature by including the option to update existing blocks so they are in the same order on all layouts. Click here to read more about preserving the desktop block order on tablet and mobile layouts.

Bug fixes

Rich Text Field not Working with Payment Component (HOC3-16578)

Fixed an issue that prevented the Payment Component in Forms from loading successfully when there was a rich text field in the form.


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