HOC Release (March 21, 2019)

In this release we continue to improve the performance of HandsOn Connect with improvements to the overall application. There are also improvements to sites with one or more subsites. Here are a few of the more visible fixes and improvements.

ARS:  Waiver Block Form Improvement (HOC3-8957)

When using a waiver block as part of an ARS workflow - it's now possible to map the acceptance of the waiver to a custom checkbox field in other the Contact or the Connection Record.  Previously, you could only map to checkbox fields in the contact record.   For opportunity sign-up, you can now map the acceptance of the waiver directly to the connection if desired.

Layout of fields and field names on Personal Info Page updated (HOC3-

The Personal Information page generally offers the same fields as the Volunteer Registration page -- however the personal info page had slightly different naming conventions for the fields, and presented them in a different (and sometimes non-intuitive) order.  The personal information page layout is now in line with the presentation when the volunteer first registers.

Note:  The Volunteer Registration page and the Personal Information Page are both independently edited in the CMS as to which fields you want to display and require.  So they will only be identical if you choose to have the same fields visible in both.  In some cases, organizations choose to keep registration simple and uncluttered, and make additional fields visible in the personal info page for volunteers to optionally fill in at a later date.

Bug Fix:  Populations Served in Organization Record (HOC3-9003)

The Organization Object multi-picklist field "Population Served" appears in the sharing portal (on the My Organization Page), and on the public site on the Partner Registration Page, as a single picklist called "Primary Population Served".

If you update the picklist values for this field in Salesforce, the updates will be now be reflected and available on the public site and in the sharing portal.

Changes to picklists in Salesforce generally take about an hour before they show up on the public site.  So clear your caches and wait an hour to see the new values :-)

Improved Autosizing / Mobile responsiveness of Browser Layout on desktop (HOC3-9047)

As part of the mobile responsiveness of HandsOn Connect, if your browser window is narrowed significantly, the site shifts into its tablet or mobile layout mode.  In the past however, if you widened your browser window back to a desktop width, HandsOn Connect stayed in a mobile or tablet layout.  This has been corrected.   If you widen a browser window on the desktop - it will revert back to the standard desktop layout and navigation.

There were also reports that forms occasionally lost data when windows were resized... This too has been corrected.


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