HOC Release Notes (Oct 22, 2020)

This release has a number of under the hood bug fixes that will improve the CMS and rendering speeds on the public site.  

Security: Donation component in forms now hides Secret ID  (HOC3-12835)

The new 'donation component' available for forms, which supports creating donation forms for Paypal or Stripe, now 'hides' your Secret ID for your payment processor account once its been entered into the form.  This prevents other CMS users in your organization from having access to this information associated with processor account.

Bug Fix:  ARS problems when used with subsites (HOC3-12938)

For sites with subsites, there were issues with using ARS in conjunction with subsites (setting certain pages/blocks to only appear if registration took place on the subsite, or to hide certain pages/blocks.    These bugs have been corrected.


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