HOC3 Release Notes

In this release, major under the hood improvements were made.  A second server was added to HandsOn Connect (There is now an East Coast server and a West Coast Server.  This will allow redundancy, and greater reliability if either server temporarily gets backed up or becomes unavailable.  

There are also a number of improvements behind the scene to improve performance and resolve bugs related to the Check-in Kiosk (Cookie management, screen refreshes, etc.)  

There are also improvements to site functionality and appearance on mobile devices.

Here are highlights of this release.

CMS Improvement: Menu items can be created that do not go to a page or URL (HOC3-4089)

If you wish to create a 'root' menu item that does not go to a page, but simply opens submenu root items, its now possible.   Previously you had to select a Page or URL for each menu item.  Now you can leave these blank which will create a menu item that does not go anywhere (but serves as a section label with sub-navigation under it.

Check-In Kiosk - General Performance Improvements

A number of improvements and bug fixes have been added to the check-in kiosk add-on.  Among these:

  • Fixed issues where screen did not return to welcome screen
  • Fixed certain issues in which kiosk freezes and does not go to next screen
  • Improvement management of session cookies
  • Improved Email Validation - resolves entering invalid email addresses into kiosk (HOC3-5573)
Check-In Kiosk: Ability to check in for Individually Scheduled Opportunities (Beta) HOC3-616

In this release we are updating the Check-in Kiosk to make it possible for a volunteer to check-in for Individually Scheduled Opportunities.  Here are the current limits to how this works at this time:

  1. If a volunteer has an existing connection for an "Individually Scheduled / With Schedule" opportunity for TODAY, in either Active or Pending status - they will be able to check-in for it via the kiosk.
  2. If a volunteer has an existing connection for an "Individually Scheduled / Express Interest Only" opportunity in confirmed status,  (scheduled to take place TODAY)...  they will be able to check-in for it.
  3. Guests will not be able to check in for Individually Scheduled Opportunities at this time.  (That is on the roadmap for future functionality).

As this is a BETA release - please feel free to test this in your check-in kiosk, and report any issues or errors you might find.  It is available and active for all kiosks -- so give it a try with a few Individually Scheduled Opportunity connections and let us know how it works for you!

Forms Improvement: It's now possible to remove form data from forms, and delete forms no longer in use. (HOC3-4760)

Previously - all submissions for forms were exportable via the 'export form data" menu ...   but if you no longer needed that data, and no longer used the form -- you weren't able to get rid of that from the picklists of form data.  

Now, if you no longer need the form data - you can remove the report's data permanently by clicking on the "Remove / Clear Report" link:

You will not be able to remove the form itself from the picklist if it is still enabled.

You can however delete the forms data by proceeding:

If the form is not enabled - you'll be able to delete both the form and all its data!   Be sure you export your form data (as a backup)  before deleting it,  as there is no undo once you clear the data.  

Donation Form Improvements (HOC3-5512)

The following improvements have been made to donation forms:

1 - Removed validation to force to include donation amounts when checkbox Allow other amount is enabled.

2 - Included new checkbox to hide the title Donation Amounts if desired.

3 - Included new field to manage the text of the button Donate and allow include custom text in multiple languages.


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