HOC 3 Release Notes - 3.0.23 (May 11-12)

This release contains performance improvements to address server issues that caused temporary performance issues during the last week.  Additional work was done for International multi-lingual users, and a number of under-the-hood improvements were made.  Here are the most vivsible new features and improvements that are part of this release.

Ability to edit text on Volunteer and Organization Registration Forms (HOC3-2051)

It's now possible to edit the introductory text and the submit text on the Registration forms for Volunteers and Organizations.

Here's what can now be edited:

Intro Text


Submit Text

To Edit these text areas:  Open the Block "Form Setting - Volunteer Form".

Edit the Form  (This is how you set which fields appear in the form)

At the bottom of the field settings, you'll see a new section called "Volunteer Registration Intro & Submit Text"

Any content you add into these WYSIWYG editors will replace the default text appearing on the form.  This makes it possible for you to customize the language as desired.  

To return to the default text -- leave these boxes blank (no content) and the default text will be returned to the form.

Look at the defaul text carefully before changing this text.  You may want to copy some of the existing language to use in your replacement text.  Also, be advised that if you change the submit text and do not leave in the hyperlink to the site's terms and conditions you are bypassing having the user agree to your legal agreement.  

To edit the Organization Registration form,  go to blocks / Form Setting / Organization Setting.   Click on the edit icon to access the same interface.  Note that the organization form does not have standardized 'submit' text -- but you can add your own language here as desired.  It will appear at the bottom of the form below the submit button.

Improvements to Image Management in Sharing Portal (HOC3-3012)

A new, more robust image management system has been added to the Sharing Portal.  It has a number of features that will make managing and finding images easier:

Click on 'Browse Server" and you'll see a new interface.  

You can create subfolders to make it easier to group images

Click on the cog on the right to access options to view and manage images in different ways:


You can choose what info you want to see:

  • File Name
  • Date
  • File Size

You can choose between three views:

  • List
  • Thumbnail
  • Compact

And can sort in a variety of ways.

This new image management tool will be added to the CMS soon.  For the mment, its only available in the sharing portal WYSIWYG for creating and managing volunteer opportunities.

Teams now limited to 99 team members (HOC3-2495)

Because of Salesforce limits to the number of connections and/or emails that can be sent out through one action, HandsOn Connect teams are now limited to 99 members (including the team captain).

Users attempting to create a team with more than 99 members, or to add additional team members to a team that would result in more than 99 members being added, will no longer be able to do so.  The 'add more members' buttons will not be available.   Screens for creating teams will advise users that teams cannot be larger than 99 team members including yourself.


If a user has a current team that is more than 99 members and they try to select more than 99 team members at once, the following message is now displayed: "Your team can not sign up because it has more than 99 members. Please split your team or select only 99 members."


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