2.5 Release Patch 3

This article contains the improvements made as part of the 2.5 Release Patch 3.

Username now changeable by Volunteer

Username now changeable by Volunteer

In the past, once set the username could only be changed manually by Staff or System Admins.  Moving forward, to update a contact's username all that is necessary is to update the email address in the contact record, and the change will be pushed to the other three fields:

  • Contact record: Username (this field was recommended to be removed from the page layout so it may not be visible.  If desired System Admins can add it back)
  • User record: Email
  • User record: Username

As part of this change the Validation Rule "CheckUsername" associated with the contact record was also updated to allow for the username field to be edited.

Salesforce Critical Updates & other Salesforce Related Improvements

With this patch, changes have been made to the HandsOn Connect product to be compatible with the Critical Updates issued by Salesforce.com.  All Salesforce.com related Critical Updates can now be enabled for your instance.

A number of visualforce pages were also updated to adapt to changes introduced by Salesforce.com that were negatively impacting the Personal Information page, Occurrence Look-up for batch create Connections, and other issues reported by customers.

Opportunity Coordinator in the Organization Record  (Recommended Admin Action)

With this release we have improved the process for the Organization Registration process.

When a new Organization registers via the public site, the contact that is identified as the "Primary Contact for Volunteer Inquiries" will now be populated in the Opportunity Coordinator (look-up field).  This field will then be used to populate the Opportunity Coordinator Name and Opportunity Coordinator email field.

The Opportunity Coordinator (lookup field) is also the field that is displayed on the My Organization page in the Partner Portal.  This change will now populate this field when a new organization registers making it easier for partners to manage their organization's information.

Admin Actions:

  1. The Opportunity Coordinator (look-up field) will NOT be populated for existing Organization records.  The support team is working on a batch update that can be run for your instance to populate these existing records.  If you would like this to be executed for your instance, please open a support ticket.
  2. We recommend that you update the Organization page layouts for "Admin Account Layout (Nonprofit)" and "Staff Account Layout (Nonprofit)" to swap out the Opportunity Coordinator Name field for the Opportunity Coordinator (look-up field).  For steps on how to update the page layout click here or attend one of the open labs.

Invalid and Missing Email Addresses

Invalid and Missing Email Addresses

There have been some issues with email addressed that have bounced or contact's that don't have an email address.  To help with this, the following changes have been made.

  • When using the "Email Members" option in the Occurrence.  Bounced emails will not prevent the emails being sent to valid emails.  If no contacts selected have a valid email address the message shown above will be displayed.
  • If a waitlisted volunteer has a bounced email address, it will no longer prevent a volunteer from removing themselves and the space is now available email from being sent to the other waitlisted volunteers.
  • Skilled Volunteer Search will have now filter out contacts that do not have an email address, since an invitation wouldn't be able to be sent to them.


Error signing up for opportunities with Waitlisted Volunteers

Two issues with volunteer sign ups have been addressed:

  • When Turn off Waitlist is checked, volunteers were prevented from registering for an opportunity even when space was available.
  • When a waitlisted volunteer received the "Space is Now Available" email and returned to the Opportunity Detail page to sign up, they were prevented from doing so and received a message that they had previously registered and were not approved and needed to select another opportunity.  This also caused volunteers to remove themselves and re-signed up for the opportunity which would cause other issues.

These have been corrected and volunteers will be able to sign up when space is available and waitlisted volunteers will be able to update their connection from waitlisted to confirmed.

Other Magical Improvements

  • The logic for the Source field in the Connection record was improved so that individual and team member connections created via the public site are marked as Public and created by Staff, System Admins, Partner Staff, or Volunteer Leaders via the backend or respective portal are marked as Admin.
  • Profile Name field in the Contact record is updated if the contact's profile is changed.  The usual process for promoting a Volunteer to a Volunteer Leader or Partner Staff is still followed.  But now the Profile Name field that is visible in the Contact record for quick reference is properly updated to reflect the correct profile assigned to that contact for reporting, etc.  Please note that deactivating a contact's user record will not update the Profile Name field.
  • When a Opportunity Coordinator's contact record's email address is updated, the change is now pushed to the Opportunity Coordinator Email address field in the Occurrence record.
  • Connection Validation rule "chk_EndDate" Validation rule was updated to allow for TBS connections to be created beyond the Occurrence End Date since TBS connections can often extend beyond the public recruitment period.
  • Opportunity Calendar - Managed By [Affiliate Name] was added back to the pop-up on the Calendar for Affiliate Managed opportunities.
  • When adding team members, the phone number is populated in the Home Phone field instead of the Business Phone
  • Basic Portal issues with the Occurrence Detail page have been corrected so that the Occurrence Start & End Times are now displayed in the correct timezone.
  • Improvements made the the visualforce pages to improve custom .css compatability and page attributes.
  • Basic Portal conflicts with deactivated user records have been corrected.
  • On the Volunteer Registration Confirmation page, the text for the return to Volunteer Opportunity Detail page was changed from "Return to Volunteer Opp Page" to "Return to Opportunity Page".  Issues with this button have been improved so that volunteers redirect to the correct page when the user clicks on the button.
  • Updated error message when a team member without an email address is made a team captain to note that an email address must be provided.
  • Opportunity Description pop-up window is updated to be compatible with Internet Explorer 10
  • When using the Occurrence URL on the backend to go to the Volunteer Opportunity Detail page, the related Occurrence, when upcoming, will be expanded as is experienced when usually arriving at the page from the search results or opportunity calendar.
  • When the "Re-direct to Opportunity Detail Page" is checked, it was redirecting all volunteer registrations to the previous page by-passing the Volunteer Registration Confirmation page. The logic was improved so that this only happens when the volunteer starts at the Opportunity Detail page.  If they start from any other page in the system, the user will still go to the Volunteer Registration Confirmation page and see the "Return to Opportunity Page" button.
  • All for Good search page in HandsOn Connect was hitting a size limit due to the number of projects in the feed.  The limit was increased to avoid this issue and the Authorization Required error that was displayed.


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